Whether you represent an established or new business, Modern Ink PR knows the steps to take to get results. We provide public relations and marketing services to health care agencies, businesses, education and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Modern Ink PR offers customized solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  Contact Us Now (link to Contact Us Page) to schedule a meeting.

Public Relations

Defining focused messages to target specific audiences is crucial to creating successful public relations plans.  Modern Ink PR develops strategic public relations plans to enhance a client’s image and reputation, build awareness about products and services, show the value of services offered, garner support for projects or issues, and other important messages.

–    News coverage
–    Media interviews (TV, print, radio, online, trade journals)
–    Crisis communication
–    Media training
–    Creation of goodwill in the community
–    Award & accolade submissions
–    Social media


Modern Ink PR works with clients to establish a customized, strategic marketing plan that drives results.
Marketing can include the following:

–    In-person visits & referral source education
–    Relationship building with new & current referring physicians or companies
–    Annual strategic growth plan
–    Referral thank you plan
–    Competitor analysis
–    Online reputation & physician rating management
–    Weekly, monthly & annual results reporting
–    Copywriting

Community Networking

Reaching target markets is crucial no matter the industry.  Modern Ink PR works with clients to create a customized community networking plan to achieve desired results.

–    Social media
–    Speaking opportunities
–    Community event presence (health fairs, associations/societies, corporate events)
–    Event planning (open houses, medical community events)
–    Web & e-marketing (newsletters)
–    Patient & referral source market research
–    Strategic partnerships (introductions and opportunities)
–    Cause & charitable organization marketing

Creative Services

Branding is the foundation of any organization.  It defines the business, identifies key messages, and incites a reaction from target markets.  Modern Ink PR works with clients to develop and market a strong brand identity that translates from print to web to audio to TV.  Creative services include:

–    Branding (logo, colors, fonts)
–    Advertisement design & campaigns
–    Brochures & marketing collateral (educational materials, letterhead, cards)
–    Copywriting & technical writing (case studies)
–    Website design & management
–    Search engine optimization
–    Direct mail
–    Video/animation

Support Services

Modern Ink PR offers a variety of support services to meet your practice or business needs.

–    Front desk training
–    Marketing personnel training
–    Marketing manual creation
–    Office staff insight via secret shoppers
–    Marketing tracking analysis
–    Consulting