Modern Ink PR provides public relations and marketing services to health care agencies, businesses, education and nonprofit organizations.  Not sure if we serve your industry?  Our team possesses extensive experience in a wide range of industries.  We can help and that’s a guarantee.


It’s crucial to understand the needs of your medical practice, whether you are trying to increase your patient base or number of procedures.  Your practice can succeed with the right strategic plan developed by an experienced team despite times of lowered reimbursements, competitive referral patterns, HIPPA regulations and challenges with insurance agencies.  Modern Ink PR represents a wide range of health care agencies from individual practitioners to government health departments.   Whether you are growing an established practice or looking to start a new practice, we know what to do to see results.  Modern Ink PR offers customized services to fit your practice or agency needs.  Contact Us Now to arrange a meeting.


In today’s world everyone has options, but are they choosing you?  Modern Ink PR works with clients to understand what their clients’ companies or organizations do from the inside out in order to develop strategic, customized public relations and marketing plans that get results.  Want to learn what Modern Ink PR can do for you?  Contact Us Now to arrange a meeting.


Education is a hot industry that is rapidly changing to improve the teacher and student experience.  From individual schools and school districts to education technology firms, Modern Ink PR helps clients achieve their business goals through carefully developed public relations and marketing plans.  The Modern Ink PR team helps identify target markets and develops targeted strategies to increase company or organization visibility, attract new students or customers, and position your organization as a leader in your respective field.  In addition, we provide PR audits, crisis communications, research, and more.  Ready to explore the possibilities of your company or organization?  Contact Us Now to arrange a meeting.

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofits find that their target markets don’t understand what their organizations offer and whom they help.  This is detrimental to the overall impact of the organization, especially when the competition is fierce for donations, donors, grants, volunteers, supporters, and media coverage.  Whether your nonprofit is just starting out or you’re looking to expand, Modern Ink PR can provide the services needed to meet your goals.  Contact Us Now to arrange a meeting.